Seville – Summary of Day Four

The morning after the night before proved to be a challenging one for some members of the group, particularly Andrew. He looked like something resembling the living dead, with a dazed and confused look in his eyes. The expected visit of cultural highlights in the morning was rather postponed as the group went to look for coffee to make themselves feel better.

I’d add that Andrew should feel particularly pleased that I have decided not to use the photos of him from the previous night on this blog. It was a decision that took me a little while to make, but I didn’t want to sully this publication and risk it being marked by Google as for adults only. Needless to say, Andrew was very near to the Daily Mail purchasing the photos for their article “gardener disgraces Britain”.

The plan for the day was that Bev, Andrew and Sarah were getting the bus to the airport and then returning home. That plan worked out pretty well, marred only by the one hour delay that they faced at the airport. They had a lovely lunch of a Burger King and they then sat feeling ill waiting for the aircraft. Clive and I really didn’t envy them.

Andrew was obsessively worried about whether he might be over the alcohol limit 19 hours after he finished drinking. So he asked the police officer (by police officer, I mean the armed officers at Stansted Airport who are more focused on national security) to tell him whether it was safe to drive. I’m not sure that the police are particularly well equipped to decide such things in that manner, but Andrew was very safe and he, and the others, got back safely.

Also, as mentioned, Andrew hasn’t pro-actively sent me £1 for the power adapter of mine that he left in Seville. The group is still livid about that, and some very rude words were used about him by Bev. Our priority though was making sure that Andrew wasn’t sick everywhere, which would have marred the entire morning if I’m being honest.

Clive and I struggled for some time to get over Andrew, Sarah and Bev no longer being here. We spent a good minute or two getting over it, and then we realised how quiet it was, and we quite liked that. So we went to McDonald’s before returning to the hotel.

Clive was very brave and went to his hotel’s rooftop terrace for some sunbathing, in their rather exclusive area, the details of which I won’t post about here.  However, as Gordon mentioned on-line, he hopes that Clive remembered to put his sun-cream absolutely everywhere.

The remaining two of us then went to some bars and found a rather nice Italian for our evening meal, which I’ll post details of separately at some point. I’m unfortunately getting just a little behind with posting about all these visits, but I shall endeavour to catch up later today.

We were pleased to find that there’s a craft beer trail leaflet, so we went to a couple of pubs on that list before a relatively early return to the hotels of just after midnight. Clive and I have one more day here before he returns home and I go on my onward journey to Madrid.

There weren’t many quotes of the day unfortunately, just the two from Bev, and both are a little out of context here…

“I can only just remember that parrot, it’s all a blur” – Bev

“Has Andrew got enough blood left for that?” – Bev