Seville – La Mafia

Clive suggested that we go for an Italian meal, which sounded a most lovely idea. This restaurant was nearby and well reviewed, so I booked a table.

The restaurant doesn’t open until 21:00, which seems rather late to me, but when in Spain…

We were the first customers in, with the interior being bright and contemporary. The restaurant was rather busy by the time we left, so it seems a popular location.

Clive was given an English menu, whilst I had the one in Spanish with two pages missing. I must have impressed them with my “hola” when entering…

I went for the calzone, which looked appetising and I was pleased they hadn’t spoiled the presentation by adding random salad leaves.

The calzone was at the appropriate hot temperature and had a pleasant flavour. There was beef, which was a little plain, but the pepperoni and cheese added extra taste.

Clive went for the lasagne.

Chocolate orange ice cream for dessert, again, it was perfectly pleasant. We were also pleased to discover that the white wine we ordered was only €2 per glass.

Overall, a rather enjoyable experience with friendly staff. The prices were reasonable, with a main, dessert and glass of wine costing just under €20 each.

A photo of Clive excitedly waiting the meal 🙂 There was much chat about Andrew at this point of the meal…