Seville – So it Begins

This week is the long-awaited trip to Seville. I will be flying in, via Portugal, late on Sunday evening, whilst the rest of the people from Hike Norfolk arrive on Monday. Most are coming from Stansted, and they’re having a little party in Wetherspoons as I understand it.

So who is going? This will of course only be of interest for those who know some of those going, otherwise it’s just some random names. Some of these individuals are very secretive, so their identity will be partly anonymous. Other than their names, so they’re not very anonymous.

We have Sarah, the trip organiser, calm, cool and collected. And secretly a bit raucous.

We have Bev. God help us. She’s just raucous.

Then we have Clive. Ready for some Spanish sun fun, he’s less raucous, but more mischievous.

Then there’s Gordon, who is the epitomy of classiness, and is the cultural advisor of Hike Norfolk. Where there’s a problem, there’s Gordon fixing it. He’s bringing his friend, whose name I’ve forgotten. Hopefully I’ll know it before the end of the trip, otherwise that would be awkward.

Finally, and last, but maybe not least, is Andrew. He isn’t taking his sponge bag.

During the week we will be visiting historical attractions, restaurants, bars, cafes and we won’t be going anywhere with loud music or dancing. Hopefully there won’t be much sport, but I suspect there might be a football match on.

There are worries, definitely worries. The combination of Bev and Sarah together is a worry. Luckily, I’ll be there to calm things down somewhat, but I’m not a miracle worker. There will be quotes of the day, and I think Andrew will be a contender there, presenting a real challenge to Bev.

So, what could possibly go wrong?