Seville – Summary of Day Two

Well, that was another interesting day….. It’s 02.00 and I’m selflessly staying up late to write up the details of what happened.

So, we met this morning to get tickets to visit Iglesia del Salvador and also Seville Cathedral. Andrew, who didn’t have a towel, over-slept, but fortunately he made the start point just in time.

We go into Iglesia del Salvador and discovered that Gordon, Brian and Sarah weren’t there. Andrew tells us not to wait for them, so we bought our tickets and went inside. I’ll post about Iglesia del Salvador elsewhere, but it is a beautiful building.

We proceeded to buy some cookies from a nun, and then went to Casa de Pilatos, a fascinating property dating back to the Roman times. Gordon, Bev and I were ashamed to note that we didn’t realise Clive decided not to go in, we only realised when nearly two hours later he met us outside. We’re not the most observant people… But it led to a lot of “is Clive here?” jokes…

We thought that before we went to Seville Cathedral that we should go and get some lunch. So Sarah and I find this lovely little restaurant and we’re busy going inside, primarily because we want a picture of the cow that they have inside. However, Andrew stomps his foot and wants to go to somewhere around the corner.

Sarah and I debate the matter, and we agree that to shut Andrew up we’ll go and look at the dump he’s found. We go there, look at it, and we go back to where we were going anywhere.

I’ll write elsewhere about the meal there, and also about the delights of Seville Cathedral. I got to the top of the tower, and I will say, it’s too bloody hot in Seville. But it was a marvellous experience.

Gordon, Brian and I decided that we needed to go back. My phone battery was down to 15% and I clearly can’t walk about without battery charge, I wouldn’t be able to survive such torture. However, Bev, Andrew, Sarah and Clive battled on in the heat.

After a little sleep for me, and no sleep for Bev, Clive, Andrew and Sarah, we then go out for a river walk. We have a meal in a rather lovely restaurant, which transpired to be very cheap, before going to a few bars. Gordon had a very manly drink, indeed so manly it was quite clearly the essence of man.

Andrew, staying up way later than his usual bedtime, managed to recast his image and is now a man of action, virility and fun. He’s done very well indeed. But we were genuinely all sad to see that Gordon and Brian were leaving us, as they’re getting a train tomorrow at lunch-time. The week wouldn’t have been the same without them, and we hope to see them both again soon.

So, that in short, is the report of the day…. Lots of fun, lots of history, lots of drinking and lots of food. But, I want to leave today with some quotes of the day:

“I’m feeling overcome” – Gordon

“You leave my little pinkie out of this” – Gordon

“The toilet paper disintegrated” – Andrew

“I’m going to show you a little something Sarah” – Andrew

“This is where it gets bigger Sarah” – Andrew

“I nearly text you last night Sarah as I was by the cathedral, and it was so beautiful” – Andrew

“It doesn’t fit right up” – Clive

“Have you mounted your bat yet?” – Julian

“This isn’t unlike my bathroom” – Gordon

“You can’t let Gordon outstage you Clive” – Bev