Seville – Summary of Day One

Before I start on the various fascinating blog posts of the day, first it’s time for a quick summary.

Clive had the most exciting day, catching the flight with only an hour to spare, after having given himself four hours at the airport with his original planning. He was the cause of much excitement, and indeed hilarity from Gordon it transpired, with his photo of his coach stuck in traffic. But, he made it, and that was the most important thing.

Here they are at the airport, with Bev shouting help…. As it happened, it was the other passengers who needed help, with someone complaining to Bev and Sarah about the noise they were making. Secretly I agree with that passenger, but I told Bev and Sarah that it’s only right that they were having fun and making noise.

Gordon and Brian joined us at the bar early this evening, and they were lots of fun. They were argumentative, which is just how friends should be. Gordon is clearly in control though, or at least that’s what he told me.

We went to a church, a bar, then the Metropol Parasol and then to a restaurant for our evening meal, more of which in later posts. It was a rather pleasant evening, and we’re all grateful for Sarah organising this trip.

But, I’ve been asked about Andrew. Did he irritate everyone? Well, no, he was actually well behaved. Yes, he presented himself as a very British figure with his hat, but what’s wrong with that? It’s good to be different. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bev starts falling for Andrew at this rate. Wedding bells might well chime.

Back to the disappointment of Bev and Clive though. They thought that there was a swimming pool at the hotel we’re staying at. I had no interest in this at all, I book a hotel for the room, not for the leisure facilities. Unless it has a bar, but that’s not really a leisure facility in the same sense.

So we trek off and look for it. Bev and Clive find a hot tub, and then they went off together to a naked area. I didn’t follow them because I’m British and am very refined. Bev and Clive went around a corner and Bev screeched with laughter. What happened between those two will remain a secret between them. But you can read between the lines…. Bev, who has brought a range of sexy swimwear for Clive to look at her in, was disappointed and Clive wasn’t best pleased. Their hopes of late night swimming were dashed. I wasn’t bothered, I was just pleased that my room had running water again.

I haven’t yet mentioned the quotes of the day, but there were some. The winning three were:

“I can mix and match” – Gordon

“Even the cash machines bow to Gordon” – Brian

“Sarah will go the shop and buy you some cigarettes” – Bev

The restaurant meal, which I’ll describe elsewhere, went well. There was lots of food and the prices worked out to be very reasonable. There was disappointment that Gordon and Andrew snubbed the restaurant by refusing to down their free shots, but the rest of us joined in with the excitement.

There was also talk of Brexit, although I limited myself here, as I’m away and don’t want to think about the whole thing. There was also talk of the exciting new range of challenges that Liam and I are undertaking, including running an entire dinner party at Bev’s house. There was agreement that it was best Liam turned the gas on, and did the cooking, whilst I supervised. That will make for quite a few blog posts I feel…

So, a very lovely time was had. The meal was lovely, the touristy bits we did were lovely and the temperature was, well, too bloody hot. Luckily I’ve had Bev to fan me, and she did this relatively well, although she got distracted easily.