Seville – Summary of Day Three

Another day over, and it has taken me a little while to write this since day three actually ended at 4am after a comprehensive testing of the bars of Seville. So much for a refined Hike Norfolk trip to Seville, although to be fair, we also packed in quite a lot of culture today (well, yesterday now).

Our plan for the day was to get to Alcázar of Seville for before 09:30 as it’s a popular site and we wanted to get a good place in the queue. So, Bev and Clive get an early Starbucks drink and we go to our meeting point. And guess who’s late? Yes, Andrew. I wanted to leave without him, but there was a discussion and it was decided that we’d give him another thirty seconds and then leave without him.

At that point, he comes trundling along, looking rather hungover. He then needs a drink, so we stop at Starbucks. Whilst there he orders hot food, so we’re lefting waiting, knowing that our place in the queue is getting further and further back. We debated not telling him how irritated we were, but then Sarah went in to deal with the situation. Andrew didn’t say sorry.

We then joined the queue for Alcázar of Seville, and we were there around an hour before we got in. This was partly due to a major problem with the ticketing system delaying them, but I’ll write about that in another post. But, the whole visit was fascinating, such beautiful gardens and so much history. This was a glorious building, and it’s certainly possible to spend all day there (I know it’s possible to spend all day at any museum, but I mean that the time could be justified here).

We visited a few more cultural sites before heading off to lunch. The place we sat down at seemed OK for a drink and a snack, but a quick check of their reviews scared us, particularly the one about maggots in the orange juice. So, after moving their tables about, we left.

Our eventual lunch location was rather pleasurable, quiet (bar Sarah and Bev) and my chicken caesar salad was particularly good. With phones charged (well, mine and Sarah’s), we power on off to the Museum of Fine Arts. What a glorious treat that was, I could have spent many hours in there. Indeed, I did spend many hours in there.

After we realised we had two different points of where to meet before departing, we went to Sarah’s balcony for some drinks. The wine went down well, and Andrew treated everyone to two bottles of wine (between us, not each). Bev said that orange wine made her dangerous, so Andrew bought her some. He’s a naughty sod… Regarding Andrew buying the wine, we did hint a lot about it, so it wasn’t pro-active, but it was still generous. Bev drank too much….

Then, already in a happy mood, we went off to our pre-booked evening meal. The reviews had been a bit mixed, but we liked the environment and decided that we would risk it. Bev found a parrot that she really liked, and spent more time talking to that then she did to us.

Four of us had paella and it was perfectly acceptable, although we had to listen to Bev shouting “Hola” at the bird numerous times. By numerous, I mean around 350. I’m pleased to report that the bird is still alive, although is being treated for nervous exhaustion.

Then we thought we’d try some bars. Now, unfortunately there’s a bit of a “what happened in Seville stays in Seville”, but it’s only fair to report that one member of our party managed to fall off his chair. He then sat on the floor for nearly an hour. I can’t reveal Andrew’s name though, so the exact person will have to remain anonymous.

After numerous shots and drinks, whilst watching Bev, Clive and Sarah dancing (I don’t do dancing), we proceeded to walk home. We got a bit split up, but everyone got home safely after a rather lovely evening.

I’ve had to shorten this somewhat so that I can catch up on other posts. But, the quotes of the day:

“Andrew, are you going to ask me if you want to go out with me?” – Sarah

“There’s a Liam sized bath in Sarah’s apartment” – Clive

“I was doing my French oral” – Bev (Andrew laughed at this point, he has a dirty mind)

“I think Andrew has spiked my drinks” – Bev

“I’m drunk” – Andrew

“I’m very drunk” – Andrew