Seville – La Escaloná

Sarah suggested to me that we go to La Escaloná for our evening meal, and I had a quick look at the menu and their web-site and I felt happy vibes about the place. So, although we had some other potential options, I thought this was a good choice and on we marched.

The welcome seemed genuinely friendly and authentic, with the staff member being willing to make space for us. The service was always pro-active and helpful, and the main server tried his real best to make sure that we had an enjoyable experience. Indeed, he certainly added positively to our experience.

The interior of the restaurant, very comfortable and at a nice and pleasant temperature. I took this photo on the way out, it was much busier earlier on in the evening.

Look at Gordon’s large amount of food and compare to what Andrew has ordered…

Sarah, at the head of the table, and enjoying the experience.

Andrew, busy eating.

Bev wanted to photograph and inspect Gordon’s food, whereas he just wanted to start eating.

The cod was well presented and served as a generous portion size. The cod was just a little over-cooked, but the fish tasted of a good quality and it had a pleasant taste. The sauce could have been hotter in terms of the temperature, but it had a rich and enjoyable taste.

My patatas bravas, and these were really good. There was some spiciness to the sauce and the potatoes were well cooked and had the appropriate slightly firm texture. What was I think was an aioli added extra flavour, and they were very moreish.

Another dish that had a real depth of flavour were the chicken strips with curry sauce that Sarah chose. I looked at them longingly until she offered me one, and she didn’t disappoint. The curry sauce was actually cooked into the coating of the chicken, rather than just being a sauce to dip them in, with the chicken being tender.

My ham croquettes, again they had a light texture with the ham adding a depth of taste. The exterior was crispy and the interior was fluffy with plenty of flavour.

The shots at the end of the meal which the restaurant provided. Whilst I was taking a photo Andrew tried to grab one of the shots, which caused much anger amongst everyone. I made him stop, and he was given his shot last as a punishment.

Gordon after his shot.

Andrew, savouring his shot.

We didn’t have any desserts, but they looked appetising and well presented.

Overall, this was a really positive experience and the staff really did their best to offer a fun feel to the service. The food and drink was of a good quality and there was a depth of taste to most of the food items. The house wine I had was pleasant, and I liked how the staff member offered a sample of it before pouring.

The bill came to under £20 each and I felt that represented perfectly good value for money. The restaurant environment was clean, although I apologise for the loud noise of our group. I’d certainly recommend the restaurant, whether just for a drink on their terrace or for a more substantial meal inside the restaurant. I would add also that the restaurant was beautifully air conditioned inside, which made me very happy….