Seville – Craft Beer Pubs

I can’t take the credit for locating these craft beer pubs in Seville as there is a map which is distributed in the city which has the names on them. It’s an excellent idea, and in the time we had left, we tried to visit as many as possible.

We managed to visit:


Gigante Bar

Hops and Dreams

La Barrica de Debla

La Jeronima

Maquila Bar

Other bars listed on the craft beer map include:

Abaceria Antipodas

Cerveceria Europa Centro

Centro Europa

La Linterna Ciega

Mano de Santo


Rio Azul Brewing


If I do go back to Seville, I will do my very best to visit all of the remaining locations. I was surprised how quiet a few of the bars were though, I hope that the number of customers looking for craft beer is on the up so that these businesses can thrive.