Seville – Gigante Bar

This rather pleasant bar is large in size, with an extensive terrace and also plenty of seating inside. We couldn’t see any menus outside and so we headed inside, and found some chairs overlooking the rear of the bar. The service in the bar was well above average, with the staff member speaking good English and he really made an effort to build up a rapport.

The beer selection, which was wider than we’d experienced in many previous bars. In those bars the option was sometimes Cruzocampo or Cruzcampo….

Some interesting artwork.

We visited this bar rather accidentally, although I’m pleased that we did. Not just for the crisps which were given out with the drinks, but also because they have a map of craft beer pubs. Over the next day we were to visit several of them on the map, and all of them were excellent locations.

Clive enjoying his sangria and they didn’t hold back on the fruit.