Riga – Peter’s Brewhouse

I had noticed this brewery restaurant a few days ago, but it is right in the centre of the tourist area, so I did have some doubts about it because of that. However, the reviews seemed reasonable and they brew their own beer, so what could possibly go wrong…

They had an offer on during my visit where a sample of the brewery’s three beers was €5.50 instead of €7.50, which is competitive.

Details of the three beers, all of which were at the appropriate slightly chilled temperature and had a depth of flavours. I thought that the red beer was particularly strong and was my preferred option of the three.

A quick snack, these are the wild boar sausages with a beer sauce. They were excellent, although a few fries would have been handy.

A brewery tank in the pub.

The interior looks a little grand here, but there were a range of seating areas, including a substantial external beer garden. The service was attentive, friendly and polite, although it was rather quiet during my visit with only a few other customers.

My initial concerns about the restaurant being too touristy were unfounded and the prices were reasonable given the central location. The restaurant was also clean and comfortable, with the food being better than I had expected.