Ridgeway – Day 2 (Uffington Castle)

Towards the end of the day’s walk we reached the site of Uffington Castle, which is an old iron age fort. Also there is the Uffington White Horse, the largest chalk figure in the UK which is over 3,000 years old and Dragon Hill.

It took us a while to drudge up the hill to look at the white horse, and it was closed off to the extent that we couldn’t walk on it. This is a temporary measure, as Bev has done numerous things to the white horse in the past. Regardless of that, it all looked rather impressive in the valley and it was an impressive site.

Bev found an old English penny which she kindly gave to me, to join my little collection of old English pennies. Susanna also showed us hundreds of standing stones in the landscape. They weren’t though standing stones, Steve soon put her right. Bev mocked her for the rest of the day for this inaccurate piece of history.

Below are the photos of this little expedition, where we also met a friendly American from Rhode Island. And had a rather nice little rest on the side of the hill in the rather lovely breeze.