Ridgeway – Day 2 (Lamb Inn)

So, we left on morning two of our adventure from the Lamb Inn in Marlborough. I felt that it the stay had been positive as the staff were friendly, the pub was clean and the environment was quiet. It was a shame that they weren’t currently doing food in the evening, but the Green Dragon kept us entertained.

I thought that the breakfast was lovely, crispy bacon, tasty sausage, well cooked egg and beans. Bev complained obviously, but not a lot. Sorry, that makes her sound like Paul Daniels. The mushrooms were surplus to my requirements and were despatched promptly to Dave. The pub didn’t ask how we wanted the eggs cooked or whether wanted every component part of the meal, but the service was efficient, polite and welcoming, so that sufficed for me.

I had to have Coco Pops, to watch the milk go chocolatey  🙂

The exterior of the pub.

Before breakfast Dave, Steve and myself had popped to the little bakers on the High Street to get some provisions for the day. We were very impressed with the quality of the food and drink. I’d go there again.