Ridgeway – Day 2 (Wayland’s Smithy)

Wayland’s Smithy is a long barrow from the Neolithic period and dates to around 3,500 BC. It has huge historic significance and there have been numerous bodies discovered here. More recently visitors have been placing coins and other items into the stones, although the site owners are disapproving of this and remove them.

I might try and take Dylan and Leon here, they can go hunting for coins and items that have been placed in the stones, ready to pay for their Maccadonalds  🙂

That should be the end of the story about this interesting site, which is located just off the Ridgeway. It’s not the spelling mistake on the official sign, which was irritating, but something far worse. It was a revelation from Bev about what she has done at this site. I was shocked, appalled and stunned. It’s not for me to tell people, as indeed I was told I wasn’t meant to tell the rest of the group, but I can confirm that Andrew would be shell-shocked.

Anyway, below are some photos of the barrow, with the site having a rather mystical and peaceful feel to it.