Poznan – Mo.Bar

Mo. Bar, a rather modern and contemporary restaurant and bar, which food-wise specialises in pulled pork. They do salads, fries and some other meals, but they seem quite proud of their pulled pork.

The menu was available in English. The staff were warm and engaging, it all made for a relaxing and comfortable visit.

The pulled pork with chorizo, served with large fries. Its beautiful presentation made it all the more appetising and the taste didn’t fail to live up to my expectations. The pulled pork was tender, moist and full of flavour, with the chorizo adding an extra element of taste. The bun was firm and the seeds added texture, with the portion size being generous. The chips were also decent, firm on the exterior, fluffy on the interior and they were suitably garnished and seasoned.

I have to confess that I just asked for a dark beer, so I’m not entirely sure what this is. Whatever it was was rich in flavour and had a greater depth of taste than I had expected.

I liked how the restaurant had kept their menu simple and manageable, so they could concentrate on just doing a few things well, rather than lots of things badly. Welcoming, clean and the prices were reasonable, around £7.50 for the burger, fries and beer. All very lovely.