Poznan – Basilium

Basilium, which was meant to have one of the best beer selections in the city. I’m still slightly confused about this place, as they did have an enormous beer selection to buy in bottles, I assume to takeaway, but a rather limited selection of beers to drink in the pub.

There a lot of beer cocktails and flavoured beers, but it seemed out of proportion to the small number of beers on draft which are listed at the bottom. The staff member said that there was one dark beer on draft and one bottled, and he was polite and helpful, but I had expected a little more choice. On reflection, I did wonder whether something was lost in translation, although the staff member did speak English.

Some of the bottled beer selection.

This is Fortuna Czarna, it’s drinkable, but not particularly exciting as it lacked any depth of flavour. There was no lingering taste or bitterness, but it was at the appropriate slightly chilled temperature.

Branding in the toilets….

The surroundings are clean, comfortable and quite modern in their appearance. There was a front and back area, although it was pretty quiet during my visit. It was a pleasant environment, but for me I’d have ideally liked a printed beer list to fully understand the range and specials that were available.