Poznan – Taj Mahal

Indian restaurants in Poland can be of a variable quality, sometimes not being very authentic with their cuisine. Externally this restaurant didn’t look particularly exciting, but it was very well reviewed, so I felt that it deserved a visit.

Menus with photos are often not a good sign of tasty food to come.

Classic Pepsi styling, nice.

The restaurant was much smaller than I had expected, with only around six tables in it, but it was also set up for takeaways. I still wasn’t particularly hopeful about the food at this stage.

And then the food arrives, and it’s excellent. The butter chicken, with goodness knows how many calories, had tender pieces of meat which actually seemed to have picked up the flavour of the sauce. Some Indian restaurants seem to dump in the meat at the last moment, and it doesn’t work well at all, but that didn’t happen here.

So, the curry itself was delicious, and the lemon rice also had a suitable amount of lemon flavour without being overpowering. The bread was moreish, and had a delicious and lingering taste. It was all a generously size portion and I struggled to finish everything, although I did manage to (as usual really). The cost was around £6, which I thought was very reasonable given the quality of the meal.

The service was under-stated, but polite, and the only complaint that I could really make is that the restaurant wasn’t big enough and it didn’t have any toilets. Perhaps they’ll be able to find slightly larger premises in the future, or perhaps they’re quite happy here in their location near to the town’s main market square.