Poltava – White Rotunda of Friendship

This site, with extensive views over the nearby hills, was once the site of the Poltava’s bastion where lookouts could keep an eye on any threats to the city. In 1909 the local authorities thought that it’d be a good idea to construct something to mark 200 years since the Battle of Poltava which had taken place in 1709. They decided upon a White Rotunda and this was duly constructed and an event held to mark the anniversary.

The 200th anniversary was certainly a big event for the city, the Tsar of Russia came along and there were numerous services held to remember those who had died at the Battle. The Tsar also went to have a little look at the battlefield itself, although I imagine he didn’t have to faff about waiting for the number 5 bus like we did…. But that story is for elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the Germans decided that they thought it’d be a good idea to destroy the White Rotunda and they demolished it during the Second World War.  However, in 1954 plans were put forwards to reconstruct the arch and this is what is currently at the site.

The views over the surrounding area.

And me. How lovely.