Opole – Hamburg

Back to my usual tradition of visiting the highest rated burger restaurant in any city that I go to, this is the interestingly named Hamburg in Opole. It’s a relatively small restaurant, with around ten seats, but it seems popular and there were plenty of takeaway orders completed for customers when I was there.

The interior had modern decoration and was clean and organised. The service was efficient, although my Polish seemed unintelligible to the staff member (he’s not alone if I’m being honest, indeed he’s in very good company) so we dispensed with that since he spoke English. A very informal atmosphere, it felt welcoming and all rather on-trend.

The chicken burger, which was larger than the photo suggests, French fries and a drink, which came to just under £5. There’s a choice of buns and I think the default one is sweet, which I went for.

I liked the burger, which was three pieces of coated chicken, as the meat was tender and had a flavour to it. I wasn’t entirely sure that the coating had that much flavour to it though, it could have perhaps done with something else to give it an extra taste. I was going to use the word “zing”, but I think I’ve ort KFC on the brain there….

But it was all entirely acceptable, the onion added texture, the tomatoes were flavoursome and the BBQ oozed out nicely. The chips were quite salty, but I liked that, so this was no negative for me, with the chips having a nice firm exterior and a fluffy interior.

All told, this was entirely fine and I can see why the restaurant is popular, it’s friendly, comfortable and the food is decent. Although, if I come here again, I think I’d try the beefburger instead.