Opole – Sopelek (Solaris Center)

I’d read that Sopelek is something of a local institution and it’s a chain of dessert restaurants which started in Opole and has now spread to some other Polish locations. They have several outlets in Opole itself, with this particular restaurant being in the Solaris Center.

The ordering process was very clear, namely, just sit at a table and wait for service. A friendly staff member came over soon after I arrived and I merrily ordered my coffee and dessert option. There’s a large menu of different items, so there’s certainly no shortage of options for visitors. Some of the sundaes looked really tempting as well, as did the spaghetti ice cream (it had the look of spaghetti, not the flavour).

The coffee incidentally was excellent, at the perfect drinkable temperature and with just the right amount of bitterness.

This is the Bueno chocolate dessert option, with scoops of chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, nuts and also a Bueno bar subtly sticking out of the side. I’m not really much of a dessert person, I’d rather have a heap of chicken bakes on a plate, but this was neatly presented and tasted quite lovely. The ice cream had a richness of taste and smooth texture, whilst the nuts added texture and the whipped cream was just a little decadent (I’m easily pleased).

All told, this was around £5 for the ice cream and the drink, which seems reasonable value as it’s quite a premium location at the Solaris Center. It was certainly popular with families, or at least, popular with the kids at least. I can think of two children who would have enjoyed it here….