Opole – Opole Beer Festival

I noticed this large marquee in the city’s main square soon after I arrived in Opole, but I hadn’t initially realised the purpose of it. I was pleased to discover it was there as Opole’s annual three-day beer festival was taking place.

The inside of the marquee and it got a lot busier than this later on. There were around twenty stands offering food and drink, with the event being free of charge to enter. I didn’t stay into the evening when things might have changed, but the music from the stage was tolerable throughout the afternoon and not too loud.

Some of the various stands at the festival.

The diesel dry stout, although I’m not sure exactly what brewery it came from, it had a rich taste. There weren’t a vast number of dark beers available across the stands, which was slightly surprising, but there was still an interesting selection of different options to choose from.

All in all, it might not exactly be like the Norwich Beer Festival, but it’s a welcome addition to the calendar of any city. Very lovely.