Opole – Veroni Cafe

This cafe looks out onto a square which is a little dominated by the Solaris Center, which has its own Costa Coffee which seems to be generally busy. I can’t help feel that’s a slight shame, these independent cafes must find trading a challenge against international competition. I’m sure many people like the taste of Costa coffee, although I’m not one. I’ve always thought that the Costa coffees I’ve had in the UK taste insipid and seem just a little pointless. But, each to their own.

This photo didn’t come out particularly well, it was quite dull and cloudy outside which didn’t help. The seating was all comfortable and the cafe felt clean. Unfortunately, there were no other customers in the cafe when I entered, so the atmosphere was a little muted.

The service was polite and I liked the clarity of the menu board, which was kept nice and simple with clear pricing. I don’t like menu boards which are so small it requires a camera to zoom in on.

One of the walls has an historic image of Opole on it, which I think is from the seventeenth century.

The coffee was excellent, at the right temperature and with a slightly bitter taste which gave it a depth of flavour and a decent aftertaste. Although I think I’ve started to overthink coffee now, my faffing about with craft beer tastes is bad enough without my now starting on coffee.

It poured with rain whilst I was in the cafe, so I just stayed for a little longer than I probably needed to. A few more people came in, everyone seemed content and there was a pleasant farewell from the staff member as I left. All a little understated, which is just as I like it.