Norwich – Banger Stop

I haven’t paid much attention to Norwich Market in the past, for no obvious reason than I’m not sure I realised how wide a choice of food and drink they had there (to be fair, it’s near Grosvenor and so I hadn’t realised I needed to go elsewhere). Having meandered around the various chip stalls over recent weeks, I thought I’d pop to Banger Stop today.

The city’s market has been in its current location for 900 years, which is a fair run I think it’s reasonable to say. George Plunkett has a photo of the market from 1939, not long before the war broke out, and Banger Stop is located roughly where the group of three people are in the photo.

As someone who gets confused by too many options being available, I quite liked the precision here with the choices marked on the boards of:

(i) The Classic – pork sausage with cheese, onion and homemade ketchup (£3.50)

(ii) The Chilli Dog – as above, but with chilli sauce (£3.50)

(iii) The Plain – just the sausage and onions (£3)

There was a nice welcome, and I didn’t struggle to decide to go for the chilli dog, although I was initially concerned about how much of it I’d manage to drop on myself. Fortunately, some forward planning has taken place here with the packaging with the provision of a little box surround for the hot dog to avoid unnecessary spillages. I was charged £3, perhaps because I didn’t need any cheese, and the stall accepts cards which is rather handy. Everything was also clean and organised, especially important during these challenging times….

I thought it was all entirely acceptable and sufficiently filling, the sausage is made just for this stall on the market and isn’t bought in, it was also hot without burning me. The red pepper chilli sauce wasn’t particularly hot in terms of spice, but added some texture to the arrangement and onions also bring a little extra taste. Definitely all rather lovely, and it’s worth having a little hunt for within the market.