New Orleans

New Orleans – Joey K’s

Located on Magazine Street in New Orleans, this restaurant was one of a few recommended by the lady who led one of the walking tours which I went on. It also seemed well reviewed and offered an authentic taste of Louisiana.

The restaurant has different specials on every day of the week, and since I was there on a Friday, the option of jambalaya seemed a rather excellent one. I sort of really wanted the all you can eat fried catfish, but since that’s a common option throughout the United States, I thought I’d save that choice for another day.

Purple Haze is a local beer which is infused with raspberries during the brewing process and the manufacturers mention that fruit pulp is often visible in the finished product. There was a light and fruity taste to the beer and it was served at a suitably slightly chilled temperature.

The jambalaya had lots of chorizo in, so my first impressions were very high.  That was mixed in with rice, onion and peppers and the portion size was generous. It didn’t have a particularly spicy taste, but it was filling and had a pleasant flavour.

Blackberry cobbler, as I missed picking blackberries from bushes on walks in the UK…. Very lovely.

The restaurant was larger than it looked from the outside and it had a comfortable feel to it, although it was busier than I expected. I never know exactly where to stand when entering a restaurant, and always look a bit of an idiot trying to look nonchalant, but a staff member came over immediately to welcome me. I was found a table within a couple of minutes and the service was efficient throughout.

The prices were reasonable and I liked the relaxing nature of the restaurant. I suspect it has become a little more touristy in recent years judging from the reviews, but it still felt like a charming restaurant which was popular with locals. There’s a bar area also for those who just want to go in and get a drink, and I noticed that they mentioned that they offer takeaways as well.