Malta – Northern Region – Mosta – Southern Fried Chicken

I was inspired to have fried chicken having seen the Kentish Fried Chicken outlet, and nearby is an outlet from this British chain. Southern Fried Chicken is not particularly Maltese, well – other than being in Malta, and it is seems to be in a growing number of countries throughout the world.

The service was helpful and friendly, so everything seemed welcoming. There seemed to be a lot of options to choose from as well, but it was all clearly priced.

The interior was clean and had quite a modern and contemporary feel to it.

As chicken burgers go, this was excellent. The chicken had lots of flavour in the coating, the meat was tender and this combined to have an enjoyable taste. The bun was fresh, mayo and ketchup were supplied free of charge and everything was hot.

OK, so it might not be a beautiful platter of Maltese locally sourced food, but it was reasonably priced at just over £5 and tasted of a decent quality. It’s also well reviewed, unlike the nearby KFC, which I didn’t bother visiting.