Malta – Northern Region – Mgarr – Bohini

Located behind the church is Bohini, a cafe which opened last year in the town of Mgarr (the one on the main island, not in Gozo).

Appetising cakes, which were all well presented.

In an attempt to come across as a millennial, I ordered the avocado and egg bagel. The bagel was crispy, but I like a bit of texture to them, and the egg was freshly made. The avocado was smooth and had a richness of flavour and the tomatoes actually had some taste to them.

The latte was served at a temperature something akin to the centre of the sun, I’d rather they didn’t serve it so hot. It also kills some of the taste to me, although it wasn’t an unpleasant or overly bitter flavour. I had finished the bagel well before the coffee was at a temperature that I could drink.

I had a dilemma with the sugar. I had already used the spoon served with the coffee so I couldn’t dip the spoon into the sugar. Given that self-created problem, I decided that I needed to elegantly tip just a little bit of sugar out onto the plate, which I would then transport to the latte. To cut a long story short, I spent several minutes cleaning off the sugar which spread itself out over a wider area that I had anticipated.

Service was friendly and attentive throughout, and the environment was comfortable. It was a bigger location than I expected from the outside, with around ten tables, and it stayed pretty busy during my stay. I wasn’t sure whether to order at the counter or at the table, so I faffed about a bit and guessed correctly that it was an order at the table situation. There’s also a small outside terrace which I’m sure is rather delightful during warmer months.

This cafe has a more modern feel to it than some of the others in the locality, but the prices have remained reasonable. All rather lovely.