Malta – Malta Day Seven

Back to the UK today, but we had a few hours before needing to get to the airport. Above incidentally are some of the yachts in the harbour that we saw at Birgu, with some costing €100,000 a week to hire, although that bargain price does include 12 staff. Where’s Gordon when you need him?

Anyway, back to the start of the day. Our second breakfast in the Slimiza Suites Sliema, all rather lovely.

Liam rummaging around the breakfast options and faffing about with the toaster. There was a sign telling people not to put cheese in the toaster, so I dread to think what has happened here before. I don’t use toasters in hotels anyway, in case I set some alarm off, these things just sort of happen to me.

For our last few hours in Malta, we got a bus from Sliema to Valletta, then a second from Valletta to Kalkara. I hadn’t visited this section of coastline during my previous visits to Malta, today it’s mostly former forts which have either fallen out of use or which have been repurposed.

Just a small part of Fort Ricasoli that we could explore.

We walked from Kalkara to Birgu, going by this building, the Villa Bighi.

One of the former entrances to Birgu, now part of the Malta War Museum complex of buildings.

We walked to the entrance of Fort St. Angelo, more of which here from my visit last year, from where it connects to the settlement of Birgu.

I had forgotten how many steps there were in Birgu. They are everywhere.

The bus back from Birgu to Valletta, one of the quieter ones which we’ve taken. The bus network has worked really well for us this week, but there have been a couple of journeys which have been packed. But, I’ve already moaned slightly about that situation.

Back in Valletta, this is a rather decadent liquid chocolate drink in the Chocolate District coffee shop, a mixture of white and dark chocolate which are poured directly from the taps.

Liam went for a cinnamon hot chocolate, not quite as decadent, but still rather middle class.

One little treat before the return to the airport. It’s important to be well fed before the longer 25-minute bus journey.

Liam in the bus back to the airport.

The sun shining over Malta on the bus journey to the airport. There was no queue for airport security, so we were through in only a few minutes. I sailed through unhindered by the airport staff, who were incidentally very helpful, whilst Liam got stopped again. They can see aviation amateurs……

Some of the lounge food selection, more on this in a separate post, but I’ll notice that the beef skewers (which tasted rather like McRibs) were very moreish indeed. And I got chance to have another Kinnie, which I discovered in this airport lounge last year.

And that, as they say, is that. Goodbye Malta….. Our flight isn’t for a couple of hours, but that’s the end of this little series of daily summary posts. But it’s just the start of my shorter posts from this week, I can just sense how excited everyone must be…. Or maybe not.