Luxembourg – Newelcome

We had an hour or so before our train departed from Luxembourg railway station, so plenty of time to find some sort of Greggs equivalent. Some places appeared to be quite busy, but this patisserie had some seats available, so it seemed an appropriate choice.

All reasonable prices at Newelcome, which is an interesting name for a cafe, although very slightly difficult to know how they want people to pronounce it.

The croissant selection, all very lovely. This location appears to be relatively new as there are very few reviews of it, all of which are from the last few weeks. Table service is offered and it was friendly and engaging, with the food and drink being brought over promptly.

The Natas, or Portuguese custard tart, with latte, came to around £3.50, which was perfectly reasonable for Luxembourg. A relatively basic order, but it all tasted fine. The cafe was clean, there were downstairs toilets which were handy, with the whole atmosphere being relaxed. All rather lovely before the train, but little did I know of the Internet disaster that was about to happen……