Lublin – Majdanek Concentration Camp (Dome of Ashes)

Designed at the same time as the Majdanek Memorial, this dome stands on top of 17 tonnes of ashes and human remains. Wiktor Tołkin, the designer, put on the side of the structure the message “let our fate be a warning to you all”.

Pieces of bone are visible in the huge pile of ashes, which were relocated here from another part of the site. The soil is treated with a substance, which isn’t visible, which protects it and stops it from blowing away.

Carl Michael Hausswolf, an artist, was condemned internationally a few years ago when he said that he had stolen ashes from the site in 1979 and incorporated them into a painting. The painting was immediately withdrawn from the gallery where it was being displayed and it isn’t entirely clear whether or not the artist’s claim are genuine. One would like to think that the claims are untrue…..