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Liverpool Weekend (Day Two) – The Globe


The Globe is a city centre pub which is listed in the Good Beer Guide and I was pleased that the area was quieter than Mathew Street. The building is from the 1880s and one of the features is a sloping floor and what could possibly go wrong with that arrangement? The building was once a hotel as well but is now a traditional Victorian pub with one main room and a separate room at the rear.


I went for half a pint of the Lightfoot from Theakston, a very average blonde ale but it was well-kept and I rather suspect that there’s a pubco behind this as the beer choice was a little generic. The service was immediate and friendly, although the front bar was quite wet which was just marginally sub-optimal as I then had a wet sleeve. But it was a Saturday night and the pub was otherwise clean and organised so it seems unnecessary to dwell for long on that.


It’s a cosy and comfortable pub which has won a number of CAMRA community pub awards. It was also unfortunately rather hot and sticky, but we had picked an overly warm weekend to visit Liverpool. I might have mentioned that though. There was a community feel which justified those awards, other customers were engaging and conversational so the environment was beguiling.


Some social history, this is Kitty Wilkinson who became known as the “saint of the slums” and there’s more about her contribution to the local area at


The back room is where CAMRA Merseyside Branch was formed in 1974 and there a few plaques noting that, with I imagine a 50th one being added next year. It’s above what CAMRA refer to as a wall length mural of the world, which is relevant to the pub name, but Bev criticised their usage of the word ‘mural’. Mind you, she’d had a few drinks by that point so we didn’t say anything.

It’s a decent pub with a warm welcome although I wasn’t overly engaged with the beer selection, but there was at least a choice. When I leaved I discovered that they had closed the front door and was fortunately told by the team member behind the bar before I looked an idiot trying to get it open. Steve however was less fortunate when trying to depart, but I’m not sure many people noticed so he got away with that.