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Liverpool Weekend (Day Two) – Slightly Raucous City Centre


It would be something of an omission not to take in the centre of Liverpool during a weekend visit, although I’m pleased to have already visited locations such as the Cavern Club so I didn’t need to return there, exciting as they are. Now that I’ve reached just over 24 I’m far too old to need to return to loud places, I can’t be doing with raucous unless I’ve got muddled up and it’s someone’s birthday or within four months of their birthday when it might be acceptable.


The others in our group seemed more excited by the louder environment as we approached it. Given half a chance I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Bev dive into a bar to show off her dance moves, despite supposedly having a bad back.


Getting busier and there’s the Cavern Club. There’s enough information elsewhere on-line about the history of this venue, but in short it’s a different location to the original club which was closed due to suit the needs of Merseyrail. The replacement club is on a similar footprint and they’ve used some of the original bricks, but it isn’t entirely historically authentic. Sgt Peppers had a tagline of “live music eight nights a week” and it’s open until 01:00 on weekdays and 04:00 at weekends, hours that Julian would be positively delighted by. Both the Cavern Club and Sgt Peppers have formidable reputations and are key parts of Liverpool’s music scene.


The Cavern Pub is run by the same operators as the Cavern Club offering free live music every night of the week. The whole area around Mathew Street (which is named after the local merchant Mathew Pluckington who was about in something like the eighteenth century) is certainly worth visiting for anyone who likes live music, vibrant street scenes and is either deaf or doesn’t mind losing their hearing. I can be very dull   🙂

By this stage I felt that it was best to move the group on from all this excitement as there was a Good Beer Guide listed pub that I wanted to visit and I anticipated it might be rather quieter.