Lake District

Lake District Week – How the Other Half Live

I’m just waiting for the photos from today’s walk to upload, so in the mean-time I just wanted to note Gordon’s accommodation. He’s paying the most out of any of us, but as he noted this evening, “I’ve been diddled”.

For some reason he has some protective covering on his single bed (the fact that it is a single bed has not pleased him) which meant that he didn’t get much sleep last night because of the heat. Or, to be precise, absolutely no sleep at all. He did though snatch a few minutes sleep in the car on the way to the walk, so he did get some rest for today’s walk.

Gordon also planned ahead and acquired a sandwich container to put his sandwiches in. Just a slight problem that his hotel has refused to make him any.

But, he has been very brave about the whole day. Despite his lack of sleep, he powered on like a trojan, letting nothing get him down. Other than the rain and the walk itself. And he now has earplugs, so I’m confident that he’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight.

I’m writing this from my room with a lovely double bed, quiet environment and temperature control. But, as people who know me will admit, I’m the last person to comment on such things. But I’m eagerly awaiting news tomorrow morning of how he gets on tonight…..