Lake District

Lake District Week – Ennerdale Lake

I remember walking Ennerdale when I was younger, and it has ever since been my favourite lake in the Lake District. I’ve walked it a few times, and it’s a peaceful and scenic location and the walking is relatively easy.

We started the walk from Bleach Green car park, with the sign noting that “it takes its name from a former flax bleaching works which was located at this site. The Mill was built in 1866 on the banks of the River Ehen using water power supplied by the lake, The bleach works had closed down by 1923”.

At the start of the walk Gordon couldn’t work out why his bag didn’t fit as he expected. He had been trying to put Steve’s bag on…. It was clear that Gordon hadn’t made up the story that he’d had no sleep.

Here’s everyone at the start of the walk, ready and eager to get going.

There were a few slightly tricky sections, with Dave being careful not to get another paper cut, as he’s had his arm in a sling for months after the last one.

Around thirty minutes into the walk it started to rain, which turned the paths into streams. I thought that this really added excitement to proceedings, definitely adding another dimension to the walk. Steve M really excelled himself, he talks his walking ability down, but I saw him leaping over streams like a mountain gazelle.

Here Gordon comes, the brave soldier, plodding on without complaint. He didn’t fall though, indeed nobody did. Well, Sarah did, but we won’t mention that.

What balance!

The waterfalls started to flow down the hills with some force.

Gordon, who acquired the same protective bag cover as Maggie so they looked similar from behind, walking along with Dave.

I was delighted that the Hike Norfolk first aid kit was finally put to use, as I’m tired of carrying it about with no-one getting injured. Gordon’s little toe was a bit hurty, so we put a plaster on it.

I have no comment.

The stream which flows into Ennerdale Lake from the bridge crossing.

Above are photos I took in the afternoon, when the sun started to show itself a bit more. We did have a lunch stop at Ennerdale YHA, but I’ll post separately about that.

The delightful Sarah, Steve, Gordon and Dave – what a wonderful little group!

It was a really lovely day today, getting us ready for the vigours of tomorrow. The rain really added to the experience in the morning, making it more exciting trying to cross streams which were getting ever wider. It wasn’t a long walk, around 11 miles in total, and it might be one of our most leisurely of the week….