Keswick – George Hotel

The location for this evening’s meal was the George Hotel in Keswick.

The pub’s menu was quite large, indeed probably too large for them to cope with, but the idea of the George Gigantic Pies was a rather good one. Unfortunately none of our group went for this option to take a photo of it, but looking at pictures on-line, it looks pretty impressive.

Getting ready for the meal. One of the highlights of the evening, other than the rather unusually intellectual chat, was how Dave managed to introduce himself to nearly everyone in the pub. All that sociability would give me a headache, but Dave absolutely loves it.

The pub is one of the most historic in the town.

The inside of the pub was atmospheric and just a little dark, which suited the building’s historic nature.

The Sneck Lifter, from the local Jenning’s Brewery (who also operate the pub) tasted well-kept and was of a good quality. It has a slight chocolately taste and it’s got a strong taste, although it does have an ABV of just over 5%.

I had the fish and chips, which was reasonably priced given the location and the popularity of the pub. It was well presented, but the batter lacked any depth of taste, the mushy peas were generic and the chips were average. And there was no tartare sauce, or indeed black pepper, to try and add some flavour to the meal. But, I spend enough time writing about food, so I won’t drone on further. And I sound like Bev if I keep on with this criticising 🙂

The pub environment was though really pleasant and the 1665 building has numerous little interesting areas. There was rooms to let, although I wonder if they’re haunted…