Lake District

Lake District Week – Ennerdale YHA

We weren’t staying at Ennerdale YHA, but there was some tempting signage which meant that we did have a little afternoon stop there. And it reminded me of the plan I’ve had for some time of hiring an entire youth hostel for a weekend on behalf of the Ramblers, especially since I’m a life member of the YHA.

There were rather pleasant views of the river valley from the youth hostel’s main lounge area, with Steve taking the best seat. But, this was more than allowable as he shared his Haribo with us. And very lovely Haribo it was too.

Dave taking charge with the menu options, and he then prepared us the hot drinks himself. He’s very domesticated. We stayed in the youth hostel for around 40 minutes, and it did mean we were able to pretty much dry off after the morning’s rain.

Gordon also regaled the group with humorous tales from his life, with our favourites being about his hotel room and his steak in Budapest. He’s a born raconteur.

Outside the youth hostel was this vicious bull. However, I was very quiet and sneaked by it, so all was well.

Someone came into the youth hostel with a lovely border collie type dog, but unfortunately it kept moving too fast to take a photo of it which wasn’t blurred.