Ireland – Hike Norfolk Walking Trip Day 0

“I was in a prison toilet” – Dave.

Now that we’ve established that my peace in Ennis has been shattered by the arrival of Hike Norfolk, I’d better switch the blog to record this marvellous week of eating, drinking and gossip. And walking. I’m writing this on the bus to Doolin and we all spent the afternoon in Ennis.

Steve the Hat coming out of the pub.

Driving Steve coming out of the pub.

Aaaah, Murphy’s. Again….. We were quite a loud group in the pub, so I’m guessing the staff were glad we were at the back out of the way. Well, I say “we”, but really the usual culprits were responsible.

I won’t mention hatgate as some of that would have to be redacted, and I certainly can’t comment on some of the discussions that Susanna started…. Some of us had soup and some had chowder, and I won’t mention who got confused and started talking about chunder, as that wouldn’t be fair.

Sarah H walking down one of Ennis’s main streets.

Dave keeps finding people to talk to, and here we are in the tourist information office in Ennis. Dave got a heap of maps that I now seem to be carrying…. There was good and bad news about the museum, the bad news is that Susanna didn’t get to look around, but the good news is that I looked around two days ago.

Maggie paying on the bus in Ennis, we’re now on our way to Doolin on the Galway bus.

Steve the Hat got himself a lovely seat by the window, but then Sarah H decided she’d plonk herself next to him. Here is Sarah H playing.

So, that’s the first post done, hopefully the excitement of the troops will calm down a little bit, as I felt that Dave wasn’t far away from ordering shots……. It was raining earlier this morning, but fortunately the sun is now shining. I can’t imagine that it’ll last.