Ireland – Hike Norfolk Walking Trip Day 0 – Post Two

So, since the last update, we got off the bus and decided that we needed refreshments. Not all of the group are as youthful as me (well, frankly, none of them are, I’m the youngest) so they needed a little sit down. I obliged, as that’s easier. The cafe was a few steps away and they had some light snacks available which looked most suitable.

The selection of cakes in the cafe.

The chocolate and orange cake, very delicious.

The walk to the B&B for me…. Some of us were located nearer to the centre of Doolin than others.

We decided to go to McGann’s and this is the menu in the pub. It had a lively and welcoming atmosphere, and since it’s the off-season they were easily able to deal with nine of us. By that, I mean that they could seat nine of us, I’m not sure that they were prepared for the behaviour of the two Sarahs and Susanna, very raunchy and raucous… But, I’m not one for gossip.

My fish and chips.


There was live music playing which was, on balance, tolerable. I’m not a music person, but it was some of the better music that I’ve ever heard in pubs. I was trying to play with my camera to take photos remotely, but I really needed to position the camera in a more suitable place.

They pour Guinness properly here, letting it settle on the bar before topping it up. And the Guinness tastes good. Shame they didn’t have Murphy’s though.

Looks at that smoothness from Steve….

I look enthusiastic….

Anyway, there was a lot of gossip going on during the evening, but unfortunately I’ve had to redact the vast majority of it. Needless to say, Susanna is heading towards winning the “crudest person of the week”, but she does it with such style, as indeed she does everything else.

The friendliness is really evident everywhere and Dave is I think clearly planning to live in Ireland. I don’t think he is British, he’s far too social, he’s Irish through and through.

I decided to walk back to the B&B using my phone’s torch and I stopped to take a photo of the graveyard at night, which was very brave indeed. Tomorrow though I’ll share the taxi back, it’ll just be easier….