Huddersfield – Travelodge

My luxury abode for the few days that I was in Huddersfield was the Travelodge which was located around a ten minute walk away from the town centre. What it lacked in convenience it more than made up for by being reasonably priced. Friendly staff as well, although I rarely have any issues in that regard with Travelodge (or indeed with any hotel company to be fair).

The room, which looks like more other Travelodge rooms around the country. They’ve taken out the sofa from the room, which was evident as there’s a mark on the carpet where it once was. It was all sufficiently clean and comfortable though, no issues there.

The beautiful view of the sweeping plains and dales of Huddersfield. What’s a little harder to see is that there’s a railway line on that embankment, although there didn’t seem to be many trains on it.

Although I need to add that my wide angle phone has distorted this, it’s not the biggest bath that I’ve ever seen (and it is a bath and not a shower tray).

The hotel is pretty well reviewed on-line, although as something outside of their control, I did have some problems with my Vodafone signal and there’s no free wi-fi in the room (or not beyond the free thirty minutes per day), so that wasn’t ideal. There’s no cafe bar at this Travelodge, they just offer the silly little breakfast box which is £5.25 and comes with a small cornflakes, milk, a muffin, flapjack and pain au chocolat. I’ve never had one (well, other than the ones they’ve given me free on a few stays) and they pick up a fair few negative reviews about them. I’m surprised that they’ve persisted with them. Anyway, I digress.

As a hotel, this was a perfectly good stay, very little internal or external noise and the staff topped up the teas and coffees every day and changed the towels every day, although that’s the limit to what they’re doing at the moment. All very acceptable.