Huddersfield – Harold Wilson Statue

This photo is from when I visited Huddersfield a couple of weeks ago and this statue of former Harold Wilson (1916-1995) was easily identifiable and he’s got himself a decent spot here. Wilson was born and lived in the town, maintaining links to Huddersfield throughout his life.

The statue omits Wilson’s famous pipe, apparently at the request of his wife Mary (1916-2018) and it was unveiled by the then Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1999. It was designed by Ian Walters and cost £70,000, being based on photos of how Wilson looked in 1964.

If anyone wondered about how bloody useless TripAdvisor is, this review was left of the statue in July 2019.

“Ok, it’s cheap and you get what you pay for. However why do you have to send out rubbish for people to eat. Describing an Item on the menu as a Gourmet ultimate burger and then serving the whole fat soaked lukewarm crap meal that must have been kept for ages, is an insult.”

I imagine that this review was meant for the Lord Wilson pub……