Huddersfield – Plumbers Arms

Going back a few weeks (the advantage in being back in Norwich is that I can work through my little backlog of photos) to when Tony and I had a little meander around the pubs in Huddersfield. This pub wasn’t in the Good Beer Guide list of locations to visit, but we were walking by and it does have a reputation for having a few real ales available.

I’m not normally tempted by the artwork on a pump clip, but I liked the brightness of the Comella pale ale decoration from the local brewery Mallinsons, which was a perfectly reasonable beer. Nothing exceptional maybe, but something a little different. The serving arrangement here is a central bar which serves from both sides, although I think that they had different real ales on each side (unless I got muddled up).

And there it is, perhaps looking like a pint in the photo, but it’s just a half. Responsible drinking and all that…..

The service in the pub was friendly and it was also quite busy, there was a feeling of the location being a bit like a Wetherspoons. The pricing was reasonable and apparently this venue gets very busy on weekend evenings, with a recent licence extension allowing them to open even later into the night. There’s nothing wrong with the pub, but I didn’t feel that there was anything exceptional of note either. There’s a large beer garden at the front and rear of the pub through, and it’s fairly large inside as well, so there’s no shortage of space.