Huddersfield – Head of Steam

Another belated write-up from my visit to Huddersfield a couple of weeks ago. This is the Head of Steam, located at the other end of the railway station from the King’s Head. This pub isn’t in the Good Beer Guide, which is rather a shame I think, as there are plenty of cask and keg options.

The neatly laid out bar. The whole pub had a feeling that this was a nice place to linger and wait, which is ideal as it has become almost an extension to the railway station’s waiting areas.

There are four different rooms in this pub, all with varying feels and designs, with a central bar area.

I visited on a Sunday evening and it’s fair to say that it wasn’t packed inside the pub. The food option are pies from Pieminister, which I’ve had before in other locations and they’re fine, but I’ve never been hugely impressed with them. However, there are limited options for the pub and it’s a sensible choice to have something which is easy to prepare.

The pub uses Untappd for its menu which makes things much easier and, as I’m easily pleased, I like my photo appearing on the bottom of the screen after rating a beer (I accept that I probably need to get out more….). I went for half a pint of Ghost Porter from Yorkshire Heart brewery and half a pint of Wishbone from Abyss brewery, both decent dark options.

I’m finding Head of Steam really quite reliable for their beer options, more so than Brewdog who are also more expensive (and they’re opening a venue in Huddersfield in the next few weeks). There were a range of beer styles offered here, with the back-up of bottles and cans for anyone who wasn’t pleased with the extensive choice. The staff members were friendly and polite, with the whole arrangement being what I’d say is one of the better railway station bars. It must also be on the very edge of being listed in the Good Beer Guide and I hope it gets over that line in future years.