GeoGuessr – Great Bentley to St. Osyth

This is part of the GEOGUESSR 1 series of posts.

Even though it was a little bit moist, we thought we should walk from Great Bentley to St. Osyth. The first section of the walk was perfectly acceptable, with a pavement stretching for some distance. We then had some road walking, before realising that there was a path running parallel to the road which we excitedly took.

We were really impressed at our progress, with our estimated time of arrival (via Google Maps) changing from 13:48 to 13:29 because of the excellent pace that we were keeping. Richard would have been furious, but we were determined to get food at a reasonable time. I was surprised just how fast that Nathan could walk, it was pretty much at 4mph. LDWA walks are certainly something he will be taking part in….

Things then went slightly askew, and although we remained brave, it was hard to see how we were ever going to get to St. Osyth. Irritatingly, we were fooled by a private no entry sign, which we discovered later in the day was completely misleading, it was actually the public footpath that we wanted.

Anyway, we set off on what we thought was the only path open to us, but we asked a man walking his dogs for assistance, and he tells us that it was easy to walk to St. Osyth, but the path is now a building site. However, he was positive and he told us that we could still get access that way. It transpired that the route he showed us took just a little longer than ideal, but we happily march on and I also saw a deer which was rather lovely (and the snake sign).

Anyway, the path was never bloody ending, and it seemed to loop us around St. Osyth. Fearing that we were going to miss lunch, we sped up a little, in the hope that a bit of energetic speed would help us forwards. Although we seemed to be heading towards the town’s creek at some pace. The surroundings were though beautiful, lots of, well, moist field.


There was good news eventually, we ended up hitting the town’s former harbour (not literally). I have more historical information on this, mainly gleaned from the episode of Time Team which was filmed here, but that’s for another post. I will say that it was nice to get to the town, even though it was further to the south of it than we expected.

What a lovely little house   🙂

And that’s the end of this post, after one hour and ten minutes of walking, we reached the town centre. The next part of our mission was complete…