GeoGuessr – Balti House

This is part of the GEOGUESSR 1 series of posts.

We were now safely in St. Osyth, but since our walk had taken longer than we had expected, we were now running late and we thought we’d better get food where we could as some of the locations stopped serving at 14:00. The Indian restaurant claimed it served until 14:30, so given that it was near enough to 14:00 we decided to try there.

The welcome was friendly, with the waiter checking with the kitchen that they could still serve us. What appeared to be the manager came out and seemed happy for us to be there and although we said we’d be quick, he never rushed the service. So, we were relieved to be there, have food and get out of the rain.

The menu.

I love poppadoms!

And the dips of course.

The food arrived and the portion size of my chicken curry and Nathan’s mutton curry was generous, with a rice to share between us. The dishes were of an above average quality, plenty of tender chicken and the sauce had a depth of taste to it. The chicken curry was perhaps very slightly oily, but I was happy with the taste, temperature and presentation, all perfectly acceptable.

Given the length of our adventure to get to this point, this was a really lovely meal in a quiet and peaceful restaurant. The owners have operated this restaurant for over twenty years, so they’re clearly doing something right.

Although, having said that, one reviewer on TripAdvisor was livid:

“Should have been a quiet, simple dinner with family & nearly ended up in a fight with a local over parking WHEN THEY HIT OUR CAR!!!

The Bad…

Terrible Location
Dirty & tatty on the outside, (the same inside).
Stingy portions
Limited selection
Think the rice came in a packet, it was over cooked!
Waiters mocking customers, (not in English)

The Good…

Nothing. Thankfully we didn’t order much to start with and made our excuses & left ASAP.”

I love it when people go out looking for a good time and a positive experience, always looking for the best in a place. I’m not quite sure how the restaurant is responsible for the reviewer being involved in a car accident, and surely the portions would be limited if the reviewer “didn’t order much”. But each to their own.

So, anyway, the restaurant was visited, now it was just the pub before we headed off to our GeoGuessr location.