Gdansk – Pijalnia Wódki I Piwa

This vodka and beer bar is part of a national Polish chain, known for its cheap prices for alcohol. These photos are from my visit in November 2015 and I remember it being popular with locals, even though it’s situated in a central tourist area.

The interior is simple and is deliberately meant to be a throwback to more austere times.

The menu of vodka shots, all charged at 4zl (around 80p).

Vodka and beer. Very lovely  🙂

The interior of the bar, with the pricing visible on the wall. I recall the service being efficient and polite, and there were a number of seats at the bar and also at the surrounding tables.

The opening hours are long as the bar is open from 09.00 until 05.00 every day of the week, so it hardly seems worth closing….. I didn’t visit late at night, but reviews suggest that there are long queues in the evening. I’m sure that there are more salubrious surroundings in the vicinity, but I can see why the location is so popular.