Gdansk – Kotka Cafe

The cat cafe rules, sanitise your hands and then go and eat food and drink. And amuse yourself with cats if you so desire.

The food and drink, which is prepared in a separate room, was nicely presented and the prices are relatively low. There’s no charge to enter the cat cafe, and no timed entry system, with customers just expected to purchase food and drink during their visit. I felt that a latte and apple pie was a suitable morning dining experience, and it cost the equivalent of around £4. A decent depth of taste, everything at the appropriate temperature and tasting of a good quality, so all is well.

Some cats were sitting in baskets on the floor.

Some cats were sitting in baskets on the window sill.

Some cats, or kitten in this case, were lying down making a deliberate effort to look cute.

Some cats wanted to survey the action that was going on from their vantage point up high.

My favourite cat, a black and white one.

Resting cat.

The other heart-warming element of this cafe is that some of the cats are up for adoption, so you can take away an apple pie and a cat. Actually, the adoption process is slightly more complex than that, but it’s a nice idea that you can see the cat you like and interact with it. Some of the cats here are owned by the cafe and aren’t up for adoption, they’re here permanently.

The cats were also well trained, or as much as you can train a cat, not to eat food from the tables. Customers were also trained not to feed the cats, who were given cat food by the owners so didn’t need any more, which seemed much more sensible. During my time at the cafe, it all seemed to be very professional and both the cats and customers were suitably well behaved.