Gdansk – Caffe Perro Negro

I’m not really a cafe person normally, but since it started to pour with rain, I thought it would be a pleasant environment to sit for a while. There were no brave patrons sitting outside when I went in, primarily because it was bucketing down with rain, but it started to get a little busier by the time I had left. I also like the building, it’s rather quaint.

The cafe, which was mostly full when I was there, had a quirky interior, and felt rather at ease with itself. There was just one staff member serving, and she didn’t really get chance to stop during my visit. She seemed rushed, but was always helpful and pleasant.

I liked the spider effect which the lighting had. I also liked the atmosphere, as it was quiet and peaceful, without some awful rowdy and raucous music playing. The interior of the restaurant also felt quite artistic in its design, some considerable thought had been put in to how the cafe felt and looked for customers.

I was less taken with the light covering.

It was raining outside, so the rule is that I must have a hot chocolate. The rule is actually quite flexible, sometimes I must have beer. I wasn’t asked if I wanted cream on top, but I was very pleased that the drink appeared with lots of it.

The price was reasonable as the cafe was quite central, 9zl for the drink, which is around £1.80. They did food as well, primarily cakes, but also rolls and some light meals. I didn’t see any chicken bakes on offer though, so I decided to save myself for a pub visit…..