Flights – Gatwick to Limoges (Titan Airways)

Around three weeks before my British Airways flight from Gatwick to Limoges, I received an e-mail informing me that it would be operated by Titan Airways. I had half expected at some point, from reading Flyertalk far too much, that a Gatwick flight of mine would be operated as a wet lease by Titan Airways, so I thought it’d be interesting to see how it went. I did though understand that if I had so wanted, British Airways would offer an alternative date for those who only wanted to fly on their metal.

The crew offered a friendly and engaging welcome, so my first impressions were positive. The crew were also dressed in a smart uniform and I was pleased that the lead crew member in my cabin was Polish, so I expected excellent customer service. Which I duly received throughout the flight. I was flying in Club Europe, and there were the usual BA services such as hot towels and the drinks selection was the same as BA operated flights.

I prefer the slightly more modern British Airways interior, but it was comfortable and clean. Ironically, this was a British Airways aircraft from 1992, when it came into service, until 2015, when it left service.

As I’ve commented on elsewhere, I’ve always felt that the British Airways breakfast meal is their weakest, although there’s obviously a huge element of personal taste involved in that. It wasn’t great and was way too over salted, and lacking in any real quality. Having said that, it was hot and as I understand, this is the food that would have been served if British Airways had been operating the flight.

The crew member was quick to offer extra drinks and he was efficient and seemed to be pro-active in his service. The cabin, which was quite lightly filled, was relatively small, which helped him in his efforts.

I can’t imagine why this would be of interest to anyone, but just in case, the safety card.

Disembarking at Limoges for the next adventure. It took under one minute from leaving the aircraft to getting through to the front of the airport terminal, although I was the first to disembark which helps enormously.

I’ve read a couple of people post that they were disappointed to hear that their flight was being operated by Titan Airways, but having experienced this flight, I’m not sure that they have anything to fear. The tier points, Avios and so on are obviously all the same, although I don’t think that the usual Bidvest trolley ran through the Euro Traveller cabin, although I might be wrong.