Camping – Day 2 (Summary)

Sunday was our second full day of camping and it started early, since living in a tent does rather make that inevitable because of the sun lighting everything up. The morning wasn’t quite as warm as the day before, but the four of us across our four tents slept well, with Richard coping well in his palatial sized tent. Steve managed to assist Jonathan with his lighting of a gas stove, but Steve did manage to set fire to a tissue and nearly a tent. I would have liked to get a video of this, but I was still resting in my tent. I didn’t say anything to Steve about how dangerous fire was, I don’t get involved.

The decision for the day was to go walking and the expedition that we decided on was to go to Kinder Low, this time going in Steve’s rather lovely Skoda. All we discussed in the car was where the bloody hell Jonathan’s sardines had gone, which was a topic that was of great concern to us all. We think that Richard took them as a prank, but he denied this and said that he was more worried that they’d blow up in his car. We still don’t know where these blasted sardines have gone, but I’m sure that we’ll find out in future months.

Richard wanted a large-scale breakfast, but as professional walkers we didn’t have time for that rubbish. So we went into a grocery store in Edale to get provisions. I found myself a healthy and balanced lunch of Skips, Scampi Fries, a mint Aero and then Steve said that there were pork pies for sale. So, I rushed excitedly to the fridge and then Richard decided to copy me, showing a distinct lack of individuality. Unfortunately, other customers had already taken all the pork pies, which caused some indignation from Richard as I got the last one. He complained at me, which was ridiculous, I can’t be held responsible for the shop’s stock. We ignored those complaints though and Richard decided to get the most expensive bread in the shop to show off. Jonathan wanted to find something to replace his lost sardines, but he didn’t find any delicious ham, but a lump of cheese appeared at some point.

Anyway, I digress. After Richard’s pork pie incident we set off on the walk, going to the top of Kinder via Jacob’s Ladder. The first part of the route goes along the Pennine Way, which is the route that the saintly David Morgan walked just a couple of weeks ago. The route went up via Jacob’s Ladder and was a relatively easy path to the top. The walk was all rather leisurely and there was nothing too technically difficult. Lots of photos of the views to follow shortly, I’ll save that for another post.

We got to the top of Kinder and then had lunch. I had my delicious pork pie and the others had their snacks and provisions. The only problem with my pork pie was that it was a family-sized one, so it took me a while to get through it. Jonathan gnawed through his loaf of bread and Richard did something with his bread which had cherry tomatoes glued to it. Richard then pointed out the state of Jonathan’s shoes (which had multiple faults), which gave Jonathan something to worry about on the way back down. Steve also enjoyed his small pork pie, which Richard looked at jealously.

The next part of the walk gave us some beautiful views and even more of these photos to come later. We were following a GPX route that we had downloaded and the next part of the adventure was the most exciting. It was a moderate scramble down a few little rocks, so all four of us nimbly edged our way down the hill. Well, when I say four people, I mean three people. Richard was faffing about talking to locals, so we had to sit and wait for him to appear. Apparently he wasn’t talking to locals, he was struggling to get down these few little rocks, but we didn’t complain to him. This was all fine with me, I had one of my beers from the Thornbridge Brewery visit, and I’m a very patient and understanding person.

Richard then appeared and told us off, but I didn’t get involved, as it was clear that he wasn’t referring to me with his series of complaints. Anyway, it was all good as we only had a few more minutes before we were back to normal paths. 95 minutes later we got to the normal paths and I think Richard was very pleased that I had been quite accurate with my time estimates. He only made a few complaints, I think around 140 or so comments, but I said motivational things to encourage him.

The walk dropped back down into Edale and after I had a quick look around the town’s church and former churchyard we then went on to Castleton to have a look at a Good Beer Guide pub. Unfortunately, this looked rather full and we couldn’t park anyway, but on driving out of Castleton into Hope our expert driver and tour guide Steve noted the Swiss Tap which transpired to be a new pub operation which opened towards the end of last year. This was excellent, much more on this in another post, but it’s one of the best pubs that I’ve been to this year. Richard’s highlight of this trip was the Snyder pretzel bites, which were flavoured with honey, mustard and onion, that were served at the pub. He was absolutely delighted with this and soon after he excitedly told us that he had bulk purchased a box of them on-line, so that’s a pleasant surprise for him to get delivered later on during the week.

This was then followed by a trip to the village of Hope and the Cheshire Cat pub which is listed in the Good Beer Guide. There’s a theme here…. Anyway, more on this in another post (I’ll be writing for a good few more days yet to cover all of this), but we were very pleased with the food and service, although Amexshopsmallgate took place. But, I had fish & chips which was of a perfectly decent quality and the pub itself is a few hundred years old and full of character.

Then it was time to go back to the campsite and this is where we are now, sitting around whilst I type this and Richard waits to see what I’ve written about him. It is quite cold here at the campsite, because Richard forgot to bring a heater. He’s brought a fridge, but no heater. He also told us that his tent has a secret hole in it which is for his electrical power lead hook-up, it’s like a letterbox with a zip. I’ve had a little play with it and posted stuff through it, but I won’t tell Liam about this.

Anyway, back to Richard, I’m entirely sure that he’ll agree with everything that I’ve put, which is all rather positive. He might be a while reading it though because he’s talking about campcraft at the moment to Steve and Jonathan. We’re going back tomorrow and after a short walk in the morning that means that this little camping adventure will be over. But, we’ll see how tonight goes before I make a final comment on whether I enjoyed the camping, it’s best to only judge these things at the end of the trip.

That though is my short little summary of the day, I might try and get some photos uploaded now to the next few posts.