Camping – Day 1 (Eyam – Celtic Churchyard Cross)

Located in the churchyard of St Lawrence’s Church is this nationally important Celtic cross, which is thought to date from around the ninth century according to the listing building record. Or from the eighth century if you believe the sign at the church, but the truth is, no-one really knows for sure. And what’s 100 years in something that is this old?

It’s decorated with numerous images, including the Virgin and Christ, along with an angel and trumpet. A bit has fallen off of the cross at some point, but it would have stood a fair bit taller. It also wouldn’t have originally been in a churchyard, it’s a preaching cross and the usage of these is a little unclear, sometimes there would have been some preaching going on at them, but sometimes they were more used as a market crosses. This particular cross was found abandoned in a field, its significance long forgotten, before being moved to its current prominent place in the churchyard.