Bungay – Green Dragon

I’ve been to the Green Dragon a few times before, usually after canoeing along the nearby river. Well, until there were continual problems with the campsite overcharging for canoe hire, but that’s a story that’s probably best not retelling. I’ve always thought that the Green Dragon is a very good pub, but I’ve now come to the conclusion that it’s actually one of the best pubs that I’ve visited in Suffolk. Located on a corner site a short walk from the town centre, the pub was called the Horse and Groom, but they’ve changed the name to match the on-site Green Dragon micro-brewery.

I was welcomed immediately and was shown that the beers were listed on a printed menu, a basic feature that makes things much easier for everyone concerned I think. There’s a choice of cask beers which are brewed on-site and I’ve tried their strong mild before and been entirely pleased with it. It was a slight shame that they had run out of the Bone Machine beer as I’ve been meaning to try more of their output, but there was still a decent choice. I liked the engagement from the staff, this very much feels like a community pub and one which is still happy to welcome newcomers.

I went for the Brew By Numbers 11, and I don’t care that some people comment that Citra hops have been overdone, because I still very much like them.  This was a refreshing IPA with a crisp favour, and what I also like is that beers such as this are available in a pub in a relatively small town such as Bungay.

The pub was all clean and felt Covid-19 secure, and there was a relaxing feel to the whole arrangement. I was slightly disappointed that I had to leave to go and get a bus, as I would have quite contently stayed for longer. They weren’t serving food when I visited, but I’ve heard before that their curries are recommended, so that might be an excuse to come back in the future….