Bucharest Trip – Day 3 : Hygge


Our lunch stop of choice was Hygge, a nod towards Thim being Danish and he certainly seemed surprised and delighted when we went in.


The interior was open plan and laid-back, with an inviting atmosphere. Everything was clean and the menu options looked tempting.


After rather over-eating at the unlimited breakfast at the hotel, I decided against needing lunch and just went for a beer. I can be like that sometimes…. This is the Edelweiss Hofbrau, an entirely acceptable wheat beer from Austria, which had notes of banana and was suitably light.


Here’s the group enjoying themselves. Bev at this point was complaining to the staff member that her coffee was too cold. Steve and I didn’t say anything, we didn’t want to get involved with the impending disaster that was unfolding in Anglo-Romanian relations.

I liked the restaurant and the service, it felt friendly and we were never rushed during the meal. I was content with the beer and the others enjoyed their food. There are some recent negative reviews on-line about the friendliness of the service, but I thought our server was helpful and personable. All told, it was a pleasant visit and Thim was especially pleased with the little bit of Danishness in the city and it even made me fancy a return to the country.